PHAROS project application codes

AEROLOG (from Matra Defense SA)
This is a 3D finite volume CFD code employing a block structured multidomain approach. It is used for a wide range of steady and unsteady, viscous and inviscid, and sub- and supersonic flow problems around complex geometries.

It is being ported to HPF by Matra and GMD.

A structural analysis code, which uses a finite element technique for the linear dynamic analysis of 3D structures.

It is being ported to HPF by CISE and VCPC.

DBETSY3D (from debis Systemhaus AG)
This computes the stresses and deformations in 3D objects using the boundary element method.

It is being ported to HPF by debis and GMD.

This computes electromagnetic wave scattering using a finite difference formulation of Maxwell's Equations.

It is being ported to HPF by SEMCAP and VCPC.

All of the ports have been designed and carried out in close collaboration with N.A. Software Ltd.

Written by John Merlin.
Last updated on 22 October 1997.