PHAROS project compilers and tools

The main HPF compiler and support tools used within the PHAROS project are the following:

FORESYS (from Simulog).
A reverse-engineering, migration and development support system for Fortran. In PHAROS it is used for migrating Fortran 77 programs to Fortran 90 and HPF.

HPFPlus compiler and MDB debugger (from N.A. Software)
An HPF compiler and debugger.

VAMPIR and VAMPIRtrace (from Pallas GmbH).
VAMPIR is a system that visualises the performance of MPI programs, using trace information generated by the VAMPIRtrace MPI profiling library. In the PHAROS project it is used to profile the MPI calls generated by HPF programs compiled by the HPFPlus compiler.

Some other HPF compilers and tools were also used during the course of the project. These include:

A public domain HPF compiler.

A public domain tool that provides interprocedural information about Fortran and HPF programs.

An HPF compiler and graphical source code profiler from Portland Group Inc.

Written by John Merlin.
Last updated on 22 October 1997.