It is generally assumed that users of the VCPC resources are already familiar with a standard programming language, such as FORTRAN 77, Fortran 90 or C, the UNIX operating system and the principles of parallel programming. If you do not know UNIX, we urge that you first familiarise yourself with this operating system on your local workstations before attempting to use our facilities. Similarly, you should have some experience in programming with Fortran or C. We can provide you with information which can help you to learn Fortran 90. Courses in this area are planned.

If you have not already worked on a parallel machine, we recommend that you begin with our tutorial. However, it cannot provide you with a complete understanding of the issues involved in creating a parallel program. You should study our list of recommended literature or get in touch with us to find out whether there is a course in parallel programming which will satisfy your needs. The VCPC will provide courses if there are a sufficient number of participants. Rates can be provided on request.

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