HPF Tutorial Materials

These HPF tutorial materials are freely available for non-commercial use.

High Performance Fortran 2.0. (Gzipped Postscript; 153 Kb).
Paper giving a tutorial introduction to HPF 2.0 (and pointing out the differences from HPF 1.1). This will appear in the Proceedings of the Summer School on Modern Programming Languages and Models, TU Hamburg-Harburg, 15-19 September 1997.

Introduction to HPF. (Gzipped Postscript, 95 Kb).
Preprint of a paper giving a tutorial introduction to HPF 1.0. Final paper published in Sci. Prog. 4, 87-113, 1995.

Lecture notes: Data parallelism in Fortran 90 and HPF (HTML).
Notes for 2-3 undergraduate lectures on: Data Parallelism in Fortran 90 (explains array syntax); Exploiting Data Parallelism (SIMD, MIMD, SPMD, message-passing, rationale for HPF); and HPF (directives, alignment, distribution). Also available in Postscript form (Gzipped; 100 KB).

Slides: HPF 2.0 and Fortran 90 (Gzipped Postscript; 167 KB).
66 slides giving a tutorial on HPF 2.0 and the array features of Fortran 90, a summary of the history of HPF, and a list of some HPF compilers, tools and projects, suitable for up to 3 hours' presentation.

Slides: The 'SHPF' HPF compilation system (Gzipped Postscript; 127 Kb).
26 slides about SHPF, a public domain HPF compiler.

Slides: HPF programming experiences in the PHAROS project (Gzipped Postscript; 178 Kb).
Slides describing some HPF programming experiences, tips and techniques acquired in porting Fortran 77 codes to HPF in the Pharos project, including the modifications required to `dusty deck' Fortran, and the use of HPF_SERIAL and HPF_LOCAL for coarse-grained parallelism, parallel I/O, and the reduction of communications. Presented at the HPF tutorial at Supercomputing 97.

We can also provide HPF tutorials by arrangement. Please contact for details.

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