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HPF-2 Language Specification Available!

We are pleased to announce the availability of the HPF version 2.0 Language Specification! The document can be retrieved as GZIP'ed Postscript: hpf-report.ps.gz

The document is now also available for browsing in HTML: hpf-report

This is a public comment draft of the HPF 2.0 document. Feedback on technical issues or the presentation is appreciated as the HPFF finalizes the language specification. Please send any comments to hpff-doc@cs.rice.edu

Other HPF-2 Documents


The objectives of the High Performance Fortran Forum in 1995/1996 are:

  1. To produce, by November 1996, a High Performance Fortran version 2.0 including additional features that broaden the applicability of HPF, and whose implementation can exploit successful research experience.
  2. To provide correction, clarification, and interpretation of the current language standard, HPF 1.1.
  3. To encourage high quality implementations.

Scope of Work and Motivating Applications

The HPF Forum recommended several issues for consideration under the HPF-2 effort. A summary document presenting new capabilities and applications motiviating the capabilities was produced by the forum.

A developing collection of motivating applications for HPF-2 is also available via ftp from
URL: ftp://hpsl.cs.umd.edu/pub/hpf_bench Please see the README from the ftp site first.


Minutes from the 1995 meetings are also available.

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