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HPF language

HPF Forum homepage at Rice University (or mirror site at VCPC, Vienna)
This page has all versions of the HPF Language Specification, and details of how to subscribe to the hpff-interp mailing list for questions regarding clarification or interpretation of the HPF language specification.

HPF tutorial materials
Link to a page containing a variety of HPF tutorial materials (papers, lectures notes and slides), and links to other sites providing HPF tutorial materials and courses.

HPF conferences and workshops

Programs and slides of some of the talks are available for the following HPF conferences and workshops.

Past events

Southampton HPF tutorial and workshop
Southampton University, 10-11 October 1995.

`Summer of HPF in Vienna' workshop
VCPC (European Centre for Parallel Computation in Vienna), 3-4 July 1996.

First HPF User Group conference
Santa Fe, USA, 24-26 February 1997.

Forthcoming events

HUG'98: 2nd HPF User Group conference
Porto, Portugal, 25-26 June 1998.

HPF User Group (`HUG')

HUG homepage
The HPF User Group (HUG) is an informal group that was set up as a forum for HPF users to exchange and disseminate information about HPF, e.g. HPF program development, tools, compilers, training, benchmarking and performance evaluation, research etc. It intends to hold annual conferences (see above for the first two such events).

The HUG homepage contains a variety of information about HPF compilers and tools, training, projects, etc, and details of how to subscribe to the HUG mailing list.

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