Consulting in all areas of parallel programming, including advice on computing hardware, available software products for parallel programming, programming paradigms and methods, and help to create parallel code, is available by arrangement.

Members of the staff of the VCPC have participated in the standards activities in recent years which led to the current versions of MPI and HPF. They can provide information on these standards, related activities, and products based upon them.

Staff members have experience in code development for several message-passing platforms and use the tools which are available on our cluster gescher. The VCPC provides consulting to users who require support in porting their application code to a parallel platform. This includes help in developing code based on message-passing facilities such as MPI, as well in High Performance Fortran. It also includes support in understanding the source code and in detecting and removing performance problems.

Requests for consulting services may be made on a project-wide or an individual basis. The terms and conditions of such services must be negotiated with the Centre's Director. Write to with a request for information on consultung, or call the support desk.

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