A Short Biography

Ian Glendinning studied Physics at the University of Manchester, where he was awarded a Ph.D. in experimental High Energy Particle Physics in 1986. His first professional position was with Software Sciences Ltd. as a programmer, from 1983-85, and after he obtained his Ph.D., he began work as a research fellow at the Concurrent Computation Group of the University of Southampton, where he remained until 1988, when he took up a position with Fidelio Software GmbH in Munich, Germany. In 1990 he returned to the the Concurrent Computation Group at the University of Southampton, where during 1993 he served as a member of the MPI Forum. In 1995 he took up a position at VCPC within the University of Vienna, as a consultant specialising in tools for parallel programming, in particular the MPI Message Passing Interface. In 2000 Ian became interested in quantum computing, and together with Bernhard Ömer, he implemented a parallel version of the QC-lib quantum computer simulator library. He subsequently became interested in the simulation of quantum computers in the presence of errors and noise, in order to investigate the effectiveness of techniques to protect against their effects, and implemented a program to model the Non-Markovian thermalization of entangled qubits, In 2009 he began to work on applying concepts from quantum information to image and signal processing algorithms, together with Michael Nölle of the Optical Quantum Technology group at AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, and in 2011 he took up a position there.
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